Server Setup

Running an private Overload server requires a few things:

1) Open UDP ports 7000 to 8001. Note: this guide does not cover opening these ports.
2) An installation of Overload.
3) olmod v0.2.7 or later.
4) Configure your server by modifying olmodsettings.json.
"isServer": true,
"trackerBaseUrl": "",
"keepListed": false,
"serverName": "roncli's Testing Server",
"notes": "Contact for details!"
You must set isServer to true and ensure the trackerBaseUrl is to get listed. You should also set the serverName to name your server, and add any notes that you would like listed alongside your server within the Overload Game Browser. If you wish for your server to remain listed even after it is offline, set keepListed to true.
Example: Ubuntu 18.04 with Overload download from
The file is available from This is a simple, all-in-one script that downloads and installs everything necessary to get Overload and olmod running as a service. It does require some user input, just agree and accept defaults where necessary. Don't forget to use the instructions on the download page to edit the olmodsettings.json file to ensure that your server appears on the tracker.
Adding Examples
If you'd like to add an example script for your operating system, please issue a pull request to the repository for this website at, adding your example to /web/views/server.js.